1. nightofthecomics:

    La Fille by Christophe Blain


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  2. royalboiler:

    jorge zaffino conan page.

    the best.

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  3. zakosaurlikes:

    Some of my favorite Jorge Zaffino pages. One of my favorite inks, it’s sad that he didn’t do much. If you haven’t read Winter World, go get it now and enjoy!

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  4. superheroic99:

    Daredevil #293 original cover art by Lee Weeks.

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  5. wellnotwisely:

    Junko Mizuno

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  6. wellnotwisely:

    Pencilled and completed page from La Fille by Christophe Blian

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  7. thebristolboard:

    Original back cover art by Dan Clowes from Eightball #13, published by Fantagraphics, April 1994.

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  8. pooryorickdraw:

    Astro Boy vs Pluto (can’t find original source of this image)

    Really interesting to see Urasawa’s adaptation of Tezuka’s stylized designs, especially the very cartoony humans.

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  9. The penultimate chapter of my webcomic, Oyster War, concludes!… and it’s not looking good for our heroes.

    Read it here: http://bit.ly/1ix9Xfz 

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  10. Attention, little monsters, it’s AlphaBands time! L is for Lady Gaga.


    AlphaBands is a weekly online collaborative project in which illustrators and cartoonists draw a band or musician for one letter of the alphabet each week for 26 weeks. See the art and find out more at the AlphaBands tumblr: http://alphabands.tumblr.com/

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