1. New Oyster War page. THE END.

    Read the entire story start-to-finish here: www.oysterwar.com

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  2. New Oyster War page: Epilogue…


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  3. New Oyster War page? Panel? Heading home…

    Check it out here: http://www.OysterWar.com

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  5. Just posted a new Oyster War page. Things are winding down…


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  6. thebristolboard:

    Original cover art by Jack Davis from Tales From the Crypt #43, published by EC Comics, August 1954.

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  7. You may want to just have a glance behind you…

    Just posted a new Oyster War page: www.oysterwar.com

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  8. rodrigobaeza:

    Gil Kane: Jason Drum original art (1979), a strip done exclusively for the Belgian edition of Tintin magazine

    (Source: comicartfans.com)

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  9. Here’s a grid of monsters I drew as a pinup for Jess Smart Smiley’s Kickstarter bookSpooky Silly Comics.

    I really love bestiaries and things of that ilk so (after a bit of machinating about other possibilities) I decided that’s the route I’d go here. For projects like this, I like to introduce some randomness–just to spur creativity a bit. What I did in this case was use this online monster name generator to generate 100 monster names. I then rolled two ten-sided die for each slot on the page to determine what monster to draw.

    The image was drawn traditionally on Bristol board with dip pens and then colored in Digital Manga Studio. The original will be on display (and for sale) closer to Halloween at a local Halloween-themed exhibition. I’ll post details once I’ve got them.

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  10. thenearsightedmonkey:

    Dear Students,

    Can you dig it? Here’s some information about our upcoming time together.

    I realize that in these images I take on my wookie aspect of last semester.

    Please know that when we meet on September 3 2014 I will  inhabit my Professor Bootsy aspect.

    But it will be the same image-hand in the puppet that is driving us all.


    Professor Chew-Bootsy

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