1. kroowsey said: Any big plans after Oyster War?

    I’ve got a few possibilities in mind. I’d like to take a short break and do a bit of art “boot camp” just to bone up on some areas that I could really improve on—specifically, facial expressions, full body gestures, and spot blacks. Also, though:

    I have an idea for an all ages GN that I’ve been ruminating on for a while, though, and I’d like to put that together into a pitch.

    I’ve been thinking about doing a possible second volume of Oyster War. I’d maybe try to monetize it a little better (and therefore produce pages a bit faster) by moving it all to gocomics.com and possibly doing a Patreon campaign.

    Or… I could change gears entirely. I have a script done for a 90s-era story about cooking and playing rock music. 

    We’ll see…



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